Agencies, Consultants, Designers

Think you are a competitor? Think again. We often serve as a ghost agency for other marketing agencies, consultants, and designers to fill gaps or manage overflow. You get all of the credit without doing any of the work. You choose whether we work behind the scenes or directly with your customers. We can even change the arrangement on a case-by-case basis.


Higher Education

Prior to starting Markations, both of our founders considered careers in higher education. We are passionate about helping colleges and universities attract more students and giving institutions the tools they need to run more efficiently. In addition to our eCatalog product, we can serve as a flexible “utility player” within your school’s marketing and development team(s).


Not-For-Profit Businesses

We love providing non-profits with the high-quality work they deserve at prices they can afford. We offer non-profit customers a 15% discount off from our already very aggressive rates.